Why Vida ?

Because we can
do this better.

At the core of all VIDA’s work is the conviction that we can do this better. Land is a finite, non-renewable resource that needs to be developed with long-term goals in mind – not just short-sighted returns. We’ve had centuries of that already. Each project is our one chance to get it right. This is why we vision, master plan and design spaces for life – spaces that remake the enduring connection between us, our communities and our habitats. Simple really.

Because we know good design starts with understanding you and the opportunity.

Which is why our design process begins by bringing together the key decision-makers on site for an interactive workshop to share and understand  ‘what is’ before we consider ‘what could be’.

We spend time on site learning the language of the place – its history, orientation, vegetation, natural materials and landforms. Combined with in-depth site analysis and our client’s vision, our designers are able to understand, preserve and enhance the spirit of a place. 

Because, after all, meaningful decisions and sound, connected ideas come from a deep understanding of people and their space – only then can you deliver an authentic, place-based, responsive, sustainable and regionally-inspired project. 

Why this is still news to anyone, we’ll never know.

(We’ll also deliver in a 2-5 day workshop what other companies do in 4 + weeks via phone/email. Just saying…)

Because this isn’t our job.
It’s who we are.
We live to design and design to live.

And, it shows in everything we produce.

Of course we use cutting-edge design, land analysis and documentation technologies – but, at VIDA, great designs start with pen and paper. We still find the traditional art of drawing invaluable for communicating ideas, solving design problems and creating beautiful, one-off detailing. We love what we do. And, it shows.

But it’s not all warm and fuzzy.
At VIDA, we haven’t forgotten that you’re in business.

And so are we. This is why we design spaces that seek to balance creativity, sustainability and profitability. Not one over the other. Not one without the other.

VIDA’s client base is both broad and global. Our team has extensive, proven international experience on world-class projects with a focus on nature and hospitality-based escapes.

Each project is a fusion of ideas and experiences, of vision and skills. You know your business, we know ours – working together we can create something distinct. This open exchange of ideas is at the core of our business – just ask the people we have worked with.

Because being onsite means getting it done.

With a studio in Central America and projects in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia, it would be easy enough for us to keep our projects at arm’s-length; to only talk with our clients via email or phone, digital documents and FTP sites, online and out-of-sight.
But, let’s be honest, being onsite means getting the job done. Our ability to be there means VIDA is not only able to service our diverse project needs, but also the needs of our clients and contractors to share their ideas, discuss options and workshop solutions. Call us old-fashioned, but there’s a lot to be said for a simple walk and talk on site.